Whaletail Thong

The whaletail thong is just a style of thong that has a smoother, curvier shape to it.  It’s still a thong style in that it has the wedge of fabric in the back and doesn’t show panty lines.  But instead of straight lines and cuts, it has arcs and curves to help give you rear a rounder, shapelier look.  Now, there’s no mystery why it’s called a whaletail thong – the thing actually looks like a whale’s tail.  There tends to be a bit more fabric to the whaletail than the typical thong since it’s less angular in shape, but the effect it creates is a sexy one and worth the extra square inch or two of fabric.  Either way, it’s a super comfortable option for undergarment, especially for fitted pants, skirts or evening wear.  Keep in mind that not all whaletail thongs look like the one pictured – they could vary in shape and rise – but generally, that curved look is what makes the whaletail thong a whaletail thong.

As mentioned above, the thong is a great undergarment to wear if you want to avoid unsightly panty lines.  When you’re wearing formfitting clothing that’s supposed to lay flat against your skin, having bumps and lumps from your underwear kills the look of the outfit.  Thongs, since they have no fabric to cover your cheeks, are a great way to get around that issue.  The g-string is also an option.  This thong is the most minimal of underwear styles and just has a string in the back that connects to the side straps.  Of course, if you want to go a step further, you could opt to go commando and not wear anything at all.  It’s up to you!