Whale Tail Pucker

The whale tail pucker is a sexy, skin-baring alternative to the average bikini bottom.  If you’ve been looking for a sultrier look to show off while at the beach, this alluring thong is definitely an option you should look into.  The whale tail thong is named after the shape of a whale’s tail.  In the back where the thong is, instead of a triangular wedge that ends up attached to the side straps, there’s a curvier, more graduated shape.  The shape of the whale tail helps to frame your cheeks while you show them off.  The pucker detail is an additional bonus as well.  The scrunched up ruched fabric in the back helps to accentuate and create the look of a rounder rear the same way ruching on a top helps to enhance your chest.  The pucker just lets you put your best cheek forward.  If you like the pucker but don’t want to be in a thong, other styles are available too.  There’s the full butt pucker that has full coverage in the front and back just like your typical bikini bottom.  If you want even more coverage, there are pucker bottoms in the boy short style as well.  Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to the pucker. It’s a flirty and stylish look that’s quickly becoming very popular so give these bottoms are try before the summer’s over!

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If you find a bottom you like, don’t be afraid to mix it up and match it with a top of a different color, print or style.  There are no set rules saying you have to wear the set that’s given to you.  Generally you don’t want to mix one print with another, but other than that, have some fun and switch things up a bit.  Maybe have a solid bottom with a striped top or vice versa.  You do the same thing with your clothes, so why not apply the same style and creativity to your bikinis as well?